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Changing the name of your mobile app for different languages each time you build can be a real head-ache, but Autonamer makes it super easy. Available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store.


   Display your mobile app name in different languages
   Set it up once and you'll never have to touch it again! 


Simply open the Autonamer window and add a localized app name for each language you support. And then forget about it, because Autonamer integrates invisibly into the build process, meaning each time you build the project for iOS or Android it will seamlessly work its magic.

Using Autonamer means you'll never have to mess around with Android resource files or Xcode projects again. And that means you can spend your time on more important things, like making your game as good as it can be.

• Supports all 42 Unity System Languages.
• Integrates invisibly into the Build process, meaning that once set up, there are no extra steps involved.
• Allows you to specify the Base Localization (Android) / Development Language (iOS) - this is which language to fall back to when the users language isn't supported.
• Works for both Android and iOS.

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