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A future vision of Kristiansund city centre, realised by Virtual Escapes using Unity.



Virtual Escapes was recently commissioned by Kristiansund kommune, in Norway, to create a virtual reality experience of the city centre as it would appear with the proposed new Cultural Centre - a major construction project that the city is hoping to fund.

To that end, the VR experience gives you the opportunity to step into the future and explore how the Culture House looks in it's proposed site on Kongens Plass.


The architects digital model was used as a basis for the Culture House, converted into a 'lighter' and more real-time-friendly asset, complete with UV maps and materials. This model was then placed into a digital height elevation mesh of the local terrain. Roads and pavements were constructed, and finally with the help of hundreds of digital photographs, the surrounding buildings were modelled, textured and placed into the detailed 3D model.

Now open to everyone and touring the country, the Red Box has been very well received both by the press, and by members of the public, interested in experiencing VR and to get a glimpse of the future vision that Kristiansund is pioneering.

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