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Bring a splash of color to your scripts with Color Script!

Have you ever wished scripts in Unity were colored, just like in your favourite code editor? Have you ever just wanted to quickly select and copy some of the text from the Inspector and been disappointed when you can't? How about clickable hyperlinks in your code comments? Have you ever dreamed of using color-pickers directly in your code?


Color Script gives you all this and more!


Features (Free)

• Automatically replaces Unity's default script Inspector.

• Smart Syntax Highlighting makes your scripts much easier to understand by color coding keywords, types, comments etc.

• Unity's Color types are rendered as color swatches within the script.

• Clickable hyperlinks in comments.

• Text can be selected and copied, ready for pasting elsewhere.

• Highlights inconsistent windows/mac line endings, and lets you fix them with the click of a button.

• Shows compile errors and runtime exceptions in the code. Lets you open the IDE right at the location of the error.

• Draws scripts in a fully scrollable view with no word-wrapping.

• View scripts in the Inspector, and/or in a separate window.


Features (Pro)

• Unity's Color types are rendered as clickable swatches. Modify Color or Color32 assignments using Unity's color picker, with any changes saved straight back into the script. Never have to guess an RGB value again!

• Choose between 10 different color themes.

• Instantly open your external code editor from a toolbar button.

• Toggle visibility of line numbers, tabs and line endings.

• Copy the entire script at the press of a button

• In windowed mode, pin a script so it doesn't change with your selection, making it easy to compare it against other scripts.


Color Script isn't trying to reinvent the wheel by replacing your IDE! Instead it makes it easier and clearer to view and interact with your code from within the Unity Editor before deciding to open it up in (eg) Visual Studio. And the code modification features it does offer aren't ones found in your average IDE. Color Script is free, with a Pro version available too. So give Color Script a try! Once you have it, you'll never want to be without it!

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