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Take control over the brightness of your mobile device screen with Dimmer, an extended functionality Unity tool, available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store.


Dimmer is a Component that communicates directly with the iOS/Android API to adjust the screen brightness of your device.

This gives you direct control, allowing you to save battery power by dimming the screen when not in use, or brightening the screen up when your game/app needs attention!

• Supports both Android and iOS.

• Requires no extra device permissions.

• Easy to use.

• Dimmer is the only way to make the screen either brighter or darker than is normally possible in Unity!

• Set the brightness at the start, dynamically through a script, or by using an Animator.

• Perfectly complements Unity's Screen.sleepTimeout function

Note: Dimmer gives you full control over your Android and iOS devices screen brightness but it has no effect on PC/Mac or other devices.

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