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Have you ever considered the environmental cost of driving to work every day?

Do you know how much carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere by flying somewhere warm for a vacation, or popping over to New York on business?


Climate change is predicted to raise the mean temperate of our planet by 1.5° celsius within the next few decades. This has the potential to create disaster and human suffering on an unprecedented scale. But every decision we make has the potential to change that future.


The first step in reducing our emissions is understanding what they are to start with. Armed with this knowledge the next step is determining how to reduce them. Eco Trip gives you this power.


Help save our planet, one Eco Trip at a time.


Free Features:

  • Comparative emissions of various alternate forms of transport for the same route

  • Includes CO2 emissions from commuting

  • Country specific calculations for electric car emissions based on electricity generation source

  • Accurate aviation emission calculations:  individual flights and flight routes account for production /distribution and high altitude effects, improving on the ICAO (United Civil Aviation Organization) calculator.



Premium Features:

  • Vehicle Garage: ability to specify fuel efficiency of you exact car make and model

  • Favourite trips: save trips you often make (but not with regular frequency) to your favourites so they can be easily selected at any time.

  • Travel Mode Filter: filter travel modes based on your interest, so only those relevant to you are shown in the Trip Itinerary list.

  • Waypoints: create more complex routes consisting of multiple waypoints

  • Multiple Route options: choose between multiple possible routes for car and transit options


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