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INvirolution - Everything you expect from Envirolution!


Community festival organisers Envirolution are delighted to confirm the digital version of their festival, INvirolution festival 2020, will be taking place on Saturday 20 June. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, INvirolution will be a virtual festival dedicated to the idea of what people want the planet to look like in this changing world, with a focus on the hashtag #myfutureplanet.

With their base in the city of Manchester in the UK, there will be a range of bands, inspirational stories happening locally and workshops coming from the North of England. 

Due to the global possibilities of the digital festival, there is also set to be some worldwide involvement, connecting people as far away as Australia and Kenya into this newly-widened festival scope. 

Key topics will include inspirational discussions and ideas around sustainability, community spirit and insightful ways to help shape our climate in a post-coronavirus world. 

The virtual festival world will have live features and talks as well as pre-recorded entertainment due to begin at different times like a typical live festival. 



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