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Jitter is a Unity Asset to enhance animation by adding noise, available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store.



Shake, Rattle and Roll with Jitter!

Camera Shake • Impact Crashes • Flickering Lights • Gusting Wind + many more applications.

Real life is noisy. From the flickering of a fluorescent lamp to the motion of a moth as it circles a flame. To help give dynamic motion and effects to your Unity games, Jitter provides the ability to easily add animated noise to various properties of your GameObjects.

Jitter is fully configurable and flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Add Jitter to:
• Position
• Rotation
• Scale
• Light Intensity
• Light Radius
• Blend Shapes

Jitter adds non-destructive noise, so it augments what animation you already have, rather than replacing it.
You can also layer multiple Jitter components of the same type on one gameobject, allowing you to author exactly the kind of multiple-frequency noisy motion you need.

From simulating natural effects like the motion of fire and wind, to shakes and impact crashes, Jitter has you covered.

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