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The Complete Lightwave → Unity solution:

Use Lightwave Models and Scene files directly in Unity.


Lightwave Importer combines both LWO Importer and LWS Importer to make the ultimate Lightwave tool for Unity. Work directly with your source asset files and never have to use an intermediate file (like .fbx) again! Make a change in Lightwave, save it, then see your change in Unity.

Usage could not be easier: Import the Lightwave Importer package into Unity. Unity will now be able to read all your .lwo and .lws files.

LWO Importer Feature Highlights:
• Imports Triangles, Quads and Ngons with multiple holes! So there's no need to triple your polygons in Lightwave.

• Subpatch surface support in the form of Catmull-Clarke surfaces, including various subpatch interpolation texture mapping methods... and it all works with BlendShapes!

• Converts Standard and Principled BSDF Lightwave Materials to equivalent Unity materials - using either Standard or HDR Pipelines.

+ much more. See the LWO Importer page for a complete list.

LWS Importer Feature Highlights:
• Supports the following scene object types: Camera, Light, Model*, Null, Bone.

• Imports all keyframe animation relating to Position, Rotation and Scale of objects.

• Hierarchy and layer names appear just as in Lightwave.

• Bones assigned to meshes with Vertex Weight Maps are imported and converted to Skinned Meshes.

+ much more. See the LWS Importer page for a complete list..

* requires LWO Importer to be installed. Otherwise an empty GameObject proxy is created.

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