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Eco Trip

Transporting you to a greener world!

Eco Trip is now available to download from the Apple App Store!




Point Storm

Point Storm just dropped on the Unity Asset Store, for all your point cache mesh deformation needs!



Point Storm Unity Asset

INvirolution 2020

Virtual Escapes have created the digital platform for the INvirolution festival 2020, the online version of community festival Envirolution.

Going live Saturday 20th June.



INvirolution festival 2020

Color Script 

Bring a splash of color to your scripts with Color Script!



Night Creatures

This cute sleep training clock will make bedtime more fun and help teach your kids when it's ok to get up in the morning, so you can get a good night’s sleep! Available NOW on the


Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store

Night Creatures - kids sleep trainer

Lightwave Importer

The Complete Lightwave → Unity solution: use Lightwave Models and Scene files directly in Unity.

Lightwave Importer combines both LWO Importer and LWS Importer to make the ultimate Lightwave tool for Unity.

Work directly with your source asset files and never have to use an intermediate file (like .fbx) again! 

Lightwave Importer - The complete Lightwave to Unity solution by Virtual Escapes


Changing the name of your mobile app for different languages each time you build can be a real head-ache, but Autonamer makes it super easy.

Available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store.

Autonamer - Unity Asset


Take control over the brightness of your mobile device screen with Dimmer, an extended functionality Unity asset, available to purchase from the Unity Asset Store.

Dimmer Unity Asset


Real life is noisy. From the flickering of a fluorescent lamp to the motion of a moth as it circles a flame. To help give dynamic motion and effects to your Unity games, Jitter provides the ability to easily add animated noise to various properties of your GameObjects.

Jitter - a Unity Asset to enhance animation by adding noise


A future vision of Kristiansund city centre, realised by Virtual Escapes using Unity.

The VR experience gives you the opportunity to step into the future and explore how the Culture House looks in it's proposed site on Kongens Plass.

Byboksen Kristiansund virtual reality project by Vitual Escapes AS
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